A critical analysis of a speech given by anna howard shaw

When I turned away from that place up in North Dakota, that man in the crowd called out again, just as we were leaving and said, "Well, what does a woman know about war anyway?

Now this old time idea of protection was all right when the world needed this protection, but today the protection in civilization comes from within and not from without.

No, we women do not want the ballot in order that we may fight, but we do want the ballot in order that we may help men to keep from fighting, whether it is in war or in peace; whether it is in the home or in the state, just as the home is not without the man, so the state is not without the woman, and you can no more build up homes without men than you can build up the state without women.

If we would not use it then I really can not see the harm of giving it to us, we would not hurt anybody with it and what an easy way for you men to get rid of us. Please see the bibliographic records for the individual photographs for further detail.

And what do we do? Within two years, New York became the eighth state to grant women the right to vote. Whenever a republic prescribes the qualifications as apply equally to all the citizens of the republic, so that when the republic says in order to vote, a citizen must be twenty-one years of age, it applies to all alike, there is no discrimination against any race or sex.

If there is no information listed in the Reproduction Number field above: From tosuffragist leaders petitioned 19 successive Congresses to introduce a national suffrage amendment, and each time they had failed.

When the government says that a citizen must be a native-born citizen or a naturalized citizen, that applies to all; we are either born or naturalized, somehow or other we are here. Men are so sentimental. If an image is displaying, you can download it yourself.

Dying hard, but dying. She can go to the theatre, to church or a picnic and no one is worrying about the baby, but to vote and everyone cries out about the neglect. Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of an item and securing any necessary permissions ultimately rests with persons desiring to use the item.

And that is not all. And what do we do? I could not help wondering then how it happens that male ignorance is so much less ignorant than female ignorance.

Abbott speak before the anti-suffrage meeting in Brooklyn, and he stated that if women were permitted to vote we could not have so much time for charity and philanthropy, and I would like to say:by Anna Howard Shaw Speech made during the New York State equal suffrage campaign at the City Opera House in Ogdenburg, New York on June 21, everyone who has given up all he has and all he has been able to accumulate shall be free, it never entered their minds.

These excellent ancestors of yours had not been. May 11,  · Anna Howard Shaw calls on male lawmakers to pass women’s suffrage, before the N.Y. State Legislature, June Within two years, New York became the eighth state to grant women the right to vote.

Two years later, President Wilson agreed to support a national women’s suffrage amendment to the Constitution, and, in the. Speeches-USA presents The Speech Vault printable speech transcripts. HOME. Fundamental Principles of a Republic Albany NY, June 21, Anna Howard Shaw. When I came into your hall tonight, I thought of the last time I was in your city.every one who has given up all he has and all he has been able to accumulate, shall be.

The Fundamental Principle of a Republic Analysis. No description by Jeremy Parker on 6 January Tweet. Comments (0) By Anna Howard Shaw Project by Jeremy Parker The main mode used in this speech was Pathos.

Anna Shaw used stories of previous speeches and other public gatherings to elaborate on why women should vote, and. Anna Howard Shaw was born at Newcastle upon Tyne in England. Inshe came with her parents to the U.S. Together with Susan B. Anthony, Anna Howard Shaw fought for women's killarney10mile.com March 15,Anna Howard Shaw delivered the Eulogy to Susan B.

Anthony. On June 21,Anna Howard Shaw visited Ogdensburg, New York. Call Number: STEREO BIOG FILE - Shaw, Anna Howard, [item] [P&P] Medium: 1 photographic print on stereo card: stereograph.

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A critical analysis of a speech given by anna howard shaw
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