A fictional story on making an ethical decision for the greater good during an alien invasion

Furthermore, it is very easy to try to apply the basic formula of utilitarianism—the greatest good for the greatest possible number—to a decision without thorough consideration of all those who will be affected. Systems does not refer to complex mathematics or scientific formulae.

Should I shun online commerce, on pain of being a liar? In any given act, positive outcomes should be greater than negative results, such that there is a net positive gain for the common good.

Moreover, who has access to the requests, and how is it controlled? I would advise them to think of themselves as engaged in conscientious civil disobedience, and to err on the side of telling more of the truth than honesty demands.

Discrimination, even against a minority by a majority, cannot be accepted as a universal principle. If you have any doubt about saying Yes to any of the questions then you should think about things more carefully.

By far the strongest reason not to migrate illegally comes from the duty not to lie. Ethics and law Many believe that the word ethical equates to lawful, and that by being lawful an organisation or activity is automatically ethical.

Ethics education is a notable challenge for two reasons. Leadership - as a function within civilizations - features in the organisation of human systems and societies because people generally accept that many sorts of complex and large scale decision-making are best made by full-time experts working in the areas concerned, rather than such decisions being left to the vagaries of popular inexpert view.

Bertram Chandler used to say he loved writing SF novels because it gave him room enough to kick around ideas and see if they yelp. Thus, one should not murder, regardless of whether the law forbids murder or not.

Still, the duty not to steal is part of natural law and would apply even in the absence of government, and the reason to respect property rights remains fundamental and pre-political even when political actors have helped to adjudicate who owns what. The combination of the following factors in ethical decision-making is rarely effective: It would probably be a better world if our understandings of consent were modified such that the types of contracts we recognize as valid were calibrated to what people could reasonably be expected to understand.

It is tempting to assume we can formulate a set of rules in natural language, refine them until we agree on them, and then proceed as if these rules can be applied without further reflection.

He works as a computer consultant, and has published a number of articles in the area of computers Infoworld, Whole Earth Software Review, etc. You are not a god, nor an agent of a god. While many things that are unethical are also unlawful, ethics do not equate to law.

A particularly dangerous implication arising from mixing decision-making with religion is the one which provides the decision-maker with a sort of safety net if everything goes wrong.

When will the whatever chosen god be judging this decision?

Some Thoughts on Ethics and Science Fiction

Story frame for "Here-and-Now. Presumably the answer is not an unqualified yes or no, since one can invent extraordinary cases in which the act of illegal migration is clearly morally right or morally wrong. In contrast, the duty ethics of Immanuel Kant can be summarized with three key propositions.

Consider cause and effect in the deepest possible sense. Contemporary utilitarianism abandoned the measurement of pleasure and pain in favor of a less complicated formulation based on the examination of consequences. Stories that deal with death.

Considering the flip-side or sides is actually necessary for relatively straight-forward uncontroversial decisions and actions, especially when opinions on all sides can be aired, debated, and understood. Teaching such skills and habits to students is a challenging task that cannot be successfully realized through cross-disciplinary requirements alone but must be integrated into their computer science education.

Presidential Decision-Making: Utilitarianism vs Duty Ethics

Depending on the circumstances, this might be almost as culpable as a direct lie. Also history is a superb store of already invented wheels, which can often save you the time and agonies of trying unsuccessfully to invent a new one. The Tilly Here-and-Now app exists in a world that is just different enough from our own to be provocative but similar enough to feel intuitive.

Your own religion is therefore not a basis for objective ethical decision-making.Environmental Influences on Ethical Decision Making: Climate and Environmental Predictors of Research Integrity.

ethical decision making by scientists during the early stages of their careers. In an ethical decision-making process, moral imagination helps individuals make ethically responsible decisions.

Good ethics can also be good business. If the basis for finding an invasion of privacy is often the employee's legitimate and reasonable expectation of privacy, then a situation where there is no real expectation of privacy.

The technical term for making ethical decisions is moral decision making. According to C. Edwin Baker, communication is coercive and thus unethical if it manifestly disrespects and attempts to undermine the other person's will and the integrity of the other person's mental processes.

At the heart of the virtue approach to ethics is the idea of "community". A person's character traits are not developed in isolation, but within and by the communities to which he or she belongs, including family, church, school, and other private and public associations.

Alien invasion metaphor; Electing a new people; Attacks on advocates. The question is whether there is such a thing as a morally permissible legal fictionwhich can be used without lying. I hope there is, because I often use legal fictions myself.

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How to Teach Computer Ethics through Science Fiction

Presidential Decision-Making: Utilitarianism vs Duty Ethics Lincoln applied his utilitarian belief that slavery should be abolished for the greater good of the country. His Kantian perspectives regarding the universality of actions, the non-use of people as the tools of other people, and his belief in not violating his oath of office were.

A fictional story on making an ethical decision for the greater good during an alien invasion
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