A school carnival

One Giant Step or Golfing on the Moon: Use a pumpkin as the target, could also be the prize or use a stuffed animal or other prize. You can even put a sample of the prize directly on the space on the wheel, if you land on that space you see the prize you will get. High Striker This is "official" carnival name for the game where you try to ring the A school carnival by striking a platform with a mallet.

Each player gets to throw three balls at the target. Instead of ducks, use plastic fish with a small metal washer attached. Check with local government offices to find out whether any permits will be required for your carnival.

If the event is held outdoors, work out a contingency plan in case of bad weather. Use a stuffed pig A school carnival the prize. Fill the aquarium with water and add decorations if desired. As the chip falls, it bounces throughout a matrix of pegs until it lands at the bottom of the board.

Funny Photos Paint foam core or plywood with funny bodies circus performers, aliens, farmers, etc. Decide on your goal. For more fun, make a trunk out of a curved tube like a section of dryer vent or PVC pipe and have that extend out from your backboard.

Space-theme balls are available, or use a basketball or beach ball. Each player gets to kick three balls at the target. We watch out for little ones that might be scared by the spray. Hair Salon The colored hair spray booth is always very busy at our carnival.

Check with your local police to see if they have a similar program. Common cost-saving strategies include borrowing homemade carnival games from another school or asking parents to make and donate them. Fill goodie bags with assorted carnival prizes and hand a bag to each student as they leave the event.

Check the Yellow Pages or the internet under Party Rentals. Some carnivals are offered as a safe alternative to trick-or-treating. Check on insurance coverage.

Lollipop Tree You set up a wood or cardboard "tree" with lots of lollipops on it. A little petroleum jelly in the bowl makes the ball stay in easier. Brain Teasers We had a table where parents used the Brain Quest cards and asked grade-appropriate questions.

You could color-code the jars to determine the prize, or just give different prizes for getting one, two, or three pickles in. Basketball We have used both the standard size basketball goal and kid-sized goals.

It was important to collect the used boxes and set them aside as we had a set amount of prizes corresponding to each number. Those parents may be limited to helping with event setup or cleanup. Students bring the filled passport to the treasure box, where they can choose a single, higher-value prize.

A Hoopla stand is basically a box with a dowel sticking out of the top on which a prize is attached. Recruit volunteer leaders to head up food, games, and logistics. Bean Bag Toss Baseball Toss Make a target out of plywood or foamcore available at art supply stores for baseballs.

Set up the game with a picnic-patterned tablecloth as a background. Cover a hula hoop with blue paper and then cut out and glue on or paint on green "continent" shapes. Players standing on a winning number get a prize.

Older students can be a great resource—at Fort Belvoir, high school football players in their team uniforms manned the booths, and the kids loved it!

School Carnival

Standard go-to games include a cakewalk, a ring toss, and a fishing activity. You can award tickets or prizes for landing on a target or on a specific spot on a target.

Set a start and end time.School Carnivals Through this website you can access very important carnival information and become even more informed by requesting our FREE Carnivals Made Easy booklet. This free booklet was written by Sondra Wilson, owner and founder of CC&E.

Air Hockey. While only two people can play at once, an air hockey table is an example of a game you can rent from a local rental company. If you're lucky, maybe a family would loan one for use at your carnival. Start here to plan a great carnival for your school, church, or home party.

School Carnival Planning Basics

School Carnival Planning Basics. School carnivals are a hit with students and parents alike. Here’s how to make yours shine. Read More. Read More. Events. Fresh Ideas for School Carnivals.

PTO Today® is not affiliated with the National PTA®. Fabulously Fun School Carnival Ideas. A FREE VolunteerSpot eBook. Ideas for how to organize a carnival for Schools, Churches and Community groups. Gather round, students, teachers, & parents!

This show is for you! Plan a school carnival that will be a town-wide spectacle.

A school carnival
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