A strategic response to the global economic crisis

A grand jury or congressional subpoena arrives, heralding an investigation into industry practices. When a cybersecurity incident unfolds, we leverage the knowledge of senior intelligence officials with vast experience in privacy and data security matters.

Beyond such actions, however, we need to re-think how the world economy operates. To make the economy stronger, we need to revitalise it by: In sensitive and high-stakes situations, there is no substitute for the credibility of lawyers who have practiced for decades at the top of their fields and have earned deep respect across both government and the private sector for their judgment and experience.

These include reforming anti-competitive product market regulation and reducing tax burdens for low-income workers, as well as launching major infrastructure projects and compulsory training programmes for the unemployed.

When a congressional investigation looms, we deploy the resources of a team that has represented clients in more than investigations by House and Senate committees in the past five years alone. Our lawyers have the experience to navigate any forum, with a track record that includes any combination of the following: After days in confinement, Rezaian was ultimately released by the Iranian government on January 16, Nearly all OECD countries can enact growth-enhancing structural policies that could potentially enhance short term, as well as long-term growth.

Crisis Management and Strategic Response

Our Approach What is Strategic Response? A police shooting in a major US city sparks civil unrest and becomes a catalyst for reform. These situations pose challenges that go beyond anything an organization will face in the usual course of business and demand a coordinated response that addresses complex political, legal and media crosscurrents in order to prevent the problem from lingering or recurring.

These matters share a set of core characteristics: Government positions formerly held by members of our team include: Our goal must be a global economy that is not only stronger but also cleaner and fairer. An omission in corporate disclosure triggers regulatory enforcement action.

A high level of complexity and sensitivity. A brief cross-section of some of the issues we have addressed reveals the breadth of our capabilities.

Corporate governance

Our strategic response to the crisis covers two main areas. Our bipartisan team—led by a former Deputy Attorney General of the United States and a former Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury, and populated with dozens of lawyers with senior-level government experience across multiple administrations—has a singular ability to address virtually any significant corporate challenge that touches the Executive Branch, Capitol Hill or the courts.

OECD Home Corporate governance Tackling the crisis — a strategic response Corporate governance Tackling the crisis — a strategic response As we face up to the worst recession for decades, the OECD is working to help governments soften the impact of this crisis for those who will be worst hit and to lay the foundations of a stronger global economy for the generations to come.

View a detailed list of our experience in government service. A business-critical objective becomes the focus of intense scrutiny by the media and antitrust regulators. Whether they generate Executive Branch attention, congressional scrutiny, federal investigations and enforcement actions, or global and multi-state political dimensions, the most significant challenges have—or can suddenly invite—government involvement and demand multi-branch strategies.

We emphasise the need to align regulations and incentives in the financial sector to ensure tighter oversight and risk management. Our reach extends to Europe, Asia and beyond, enabling us to act quickly when legal, business and reputational challenges originate outside the United States or involve international political or economic considerations.Adaptive Strategies in Response to the Economic Crisis: A Cross-Cultural Study in Austria and Slovenia Building on a framework of strategic crisis responses and a quanti- global financial and economic crisis of the years –, and how.

Crisis Management and Strategic Response. business and reputational challenges originate outside the United States or involve international political or economic considerations. Global diplomatic outreach on behalf of US citizens detained in nations hostile to the United States.

Tackling the crisis – a strategic response Report on the Strategic Response - The Impact of the Global Crisis on SME and Entrepreneurship Financing and Policy Responses OECD's strategic response to the financial and economic crisis: Contributions to the global effort.

Published: Thu, 12 Oct A Strategic Response To The Global Economic Crisis. There has been continuous debate about how much this current recession is going affect the global economy, how the organisations are going to overcome such situation.

OECD Strategic Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GLOBAL EFFORT. THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC CRISIS Elements of a Strategic Response by the Caribbean By Denis Benn 30 March

A strategic response to the global economic crisis
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