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Read study all reading assignments carefully and intensely in order to be able to memorize, re-express, inter-relate and engage the information provided. In practice, then, a student may take more or less than 14 weeks to complete the course because the intention is not to reproduce an actual semester but rather to offer a logical breakdown of the course over a flexible span of time.

Typically 6 months Recommended School Credit: Upon completion of this course, the student is expected to able to: Write 1 or 2 as directed high quality, publishable major papers that meet ACA guidelines and that provide several properly formatted citations to the textbooks.

For each quiz questions, do not forget to provide a footnote reference to where text, page the correct answer can be found. Topics include complex numbers and their properties, analytic functions and the Cauchy-Riemann equations, the logarithm and other elementary functions of a complex variable, integration of complex functions, the Cauchy integral theorem and its consequences, power series representation of analytic functions, the residue theorem and applications to definite integrals.

Online course materials supplement the required textbook.

This is not an open book exam and you should have memorized the key terms and concepts in order to be able to offer a professional articulation and presentation when examined by the instructor.

For this reason, 2 credits are assigned to this important course which is considered foundational. Once you have completed the reading of the course materials, you must contact your course instructor or coordinator to discuss the proposed theme of the required major paper s.

Definitions and proofs will be stressed throughout the course. Accordingly, a standard 3 USCH course,which is at least equivalent to 4. CPX Course Description Description Introduction to Complex Analysis gives advanced students an introduction to the theory of functions of a complex variable, a fundamental area of mathematics.

It must be noted that EUCLID guidelines require that a comprehensive oral examination take place upon completion of all other assignments in order for the final grade to be posted and for the course to be formally completed.

Live one-on-one online review sessions can be scheduled as well to prepare for the graded assessments, which include homework, chapter exams, and a cumulative midterm and final. Remember that the instructor will evaluate your ability to create intelligent questions spanning all required textbooks, offer plausible answers, and properly footnote the textbook reference.

In all cases, all the assignments must be submitted, approved and graded for the course to be completed. Instructors use virtual classroom software allowing video, voice, text, screen sharing and whiteboard interaction.

Even though the quiz assignment is sometimes considered or listed after the major papers, it is advisable to complete this assignment prior to starting work on the paper s. See the "List of Topics" tab for the complete listing of topics covered.

For practical and organizational reasons, this study workload is structured in the format of one semester about 15 weeks. Prepare carefully for the final oral examination by re-reading the required textbooks.

Students can contact their instructor via email with any questions or concerns at any time. For most students ask your instructor if this requirement does not applythis course will use a recorded lecture by: Create a quiz that demonstrates your ability to create intelligent questions with plausible answers, and provide footnotes to the correct answers.

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the Course Materials. David Zarefsky made available by The Teaching Company. Each student is assigned to a CTY instructor to help them during their course. In the case of courses that are primarily delivered by means of reading assignments, EUCLID considers that a standard 3 USCH course should correspond to approximately pages of intense, directly relevant readings.

One full year of high school credit or one semester of college credit equal to or greater than an AP class Course Code: Because EUCLID has a primary mandate to serve busy government officials for its Participating States, these periods are presented as a structured approach rather than as an enforced set of deadlines.

The course will also cover applications to physics and engineering. It is important to note that EUCLID functions under an intergovernmental mandate to deliver programs of higher education that conform to international standards and that are fully documented Statutes IX.

Our direction to the students is to focus on the terminology used in the lectures see glossary and to be able to apply the concepts to debates and arguments.

How to Use this Syllabus: This standardized syllabus is your study guide for this course. Materials Needed A textbook purchase is required for this course: Individually Paced Course Length: For the paper sdo not forget that you must comply with all ACA guidelines and requirements.Redesign of SPC Public Speaking Hybrid, including new video lectures, new automated assessments, online exams, and speech examples () Bachelor's Committee Member Ramirez, N., student.

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Mar 21,  · As part of the inaugural events at Beacon College, the first academic discussion panel of its kind was held on February 20st, with members of the faculty pre.

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Academic writing video lecture on laurent
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