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Better than fine actually. In the beginning, I carried nothing at all, naive to the fact that rides go haywire more often than not, especially as more riders are added to the pack. When hydration packs became a thing, I Butcher paper eager to indulge my inner hoarder in exchange for the rectangle of sweat drawn on my back after every humid ride.

Two tire levers became five because my annoyingly small hands require three levers to get a bead off the rim. Throw me out into the woods on a bike and I become Linus, except my blanket is made of ripstop nylon and might give you tetanus. I dread climbing and I wear a pack that weighs a metric shit ton on every ride.

Butcher Paper

With my pack so much lighter, well, I still hated them just the same. They are the placebo I take to convince me that I can stop things from going wrong. Sometimes they almost come in handy, but at this point, I need to carry them around until I do finally use them, otherwise I will have hauled them along all this time for naught.

A peek inside mine will reveal a collection of moderately organized tools half covered in exploded energy gel. You can learn a lot about a person by what they carry in their pack. I lightened my load. Ryan Creary Soon enough, carrying nothing evolved into shoving a tube and mini tool into a janky saddlebag, and relying on the kindness of strangers to lend me a pump.

The truth is that all of these silly little tools serve a single purpose.

butcher paper

A few flat tires later and I carried two tubes, a patch kit and a frame pump that always managed to be missing or broken when its services were needed.

Amazingly enough, the ride turned out just fine. Years later, traveling with more than the absolute necessities feels excessive and downright discombobulating.

After all, with five, I have one to spare. But when it comes to the trail, I feel naked and exposed without my heavy pack clinging to my back, like some kind of masochistic tool-filled security blanket.

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Butcher paper
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