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No writing is allowed during reading time. The examination consists of 4 questions. In addition Camilla has contacted the board enquiring as to why she has not received any salary as a director.

Company Law Exam Questions and Answers PDF

William and Kate have no prior knowledge of this arrangement and Camilla was never appointed as director. In Prest v Petrodel Resources Ltd. Have the other two directors breached any common law or statutory duty? It is usually a useful exercise to consolidate these notes perhaps in point form during the final weeks before the exam and they can be organised Company law exam follows: Computers, electronic dictionaries, phones is not allowed.

Attendance at lectures should therefore facilitate effective use of time and ensure that: Written answers to past exam questions may also lead to the understanding of difficulties and also may provide an opportunity to question the lecturer or tutor on any points Company law exam confusion which have become apparent.

You are the accountant for the company and the Board seeks your advice. An examination answer will be assessed on: Practising this technique is the most important part of studying law subjects Preparation for Exams SUMMARIES Towards the end of a course, students should have accumulated lecture notes, tutorial problem answers and text book summaries.

It may be possible for two different answers, containing contrary conclusions, to both receive good marks.

What action if any can the other two directors take against Julian? These may be highlighted or underlined but no other annotation is permitted. Gerald who is the uncle of Julian owns some land in the western suburbs of Melbourne. These are Charles, William and Kate.

The compilation of such note summaries gives an overview of the subject and requires an understanding of the important legal issues likely to appear on the exam. As previously mentioned, this is the skill which exams and assignments seek to assess.

Explain what a statutory derivative action is and in what circumstances they will arise? In the paper you will need to advise the directors of the following matters: If this skill is properly acquired, students will have the basis upon which to tackle all law subjects during their course.

The share capital of Kingdom plc is divided between the three founders of the company who are also the directors. Principles of Law and the Path to Professional Communication Skills 1 The relevant legal principles may be found in cases, statutes, text books, lecture notes and case books.

The skills and techniques required in law subjects are quite unlike those taught in law subjects at secondary schools and other non-law subjects. You have been asked by the partner of the accounting firm to prepare a paper to be handed out to the directors of the company.

Exam October 2012, questions - semester 2

You are not entitled to sit this examination and no result will be recorded unless you are properly enrolled or have gained special permission from the Program Leader to sit this examination at this time.

It is by going through the tutorial problems in detail and preparing written answers to them that the skills necessary to complete the exam and other assessment properly will be developed in the most efficient way.

On 5 August Jan was not formally reappointed by the board but she continued to act as Managing Director.

Any transactions in excess of this were to be approved by the board of directors. This is irrespective whether the area concerned involves taxation, company law, contract law or any other legal area.

Company Law Exam

Explain what is meant by fair and proper purpose in relation to alteration of the constitution. Please advise the company:exam cover sheet rmit university examinations final examination semester course code: law course name: company law date of exam: time of exam. Sample examination questions and answers - Company Law Editor.

KREVER R Has subject area. For 6 Digit Code. Corporations and Associations Law; Seo 6 Digit Code. International Standard Book Number (ISBN) ; Additional Document Info Parent Title. Mastering Law Studies and Law Exam. CS Executive Advanced Company Law New Amendments, Advanced Company Law amendments and Corporate Restructuring Amendments for December are given here below.

We are giving Latest CS Executive Amendments June and CS Executive Supplementary Study Material for December exam. Company Law Notes for Exam - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.5/5(2).

llbp / law llb company law may hours candidates must attempt three questions only. all questions carry equal marks. candidates may. A GUIDE TO PREPARATION FOR LAW SUBJECT ASSIGNMENTS AND EXAMS. The purpose of these notes is to improve the abilities and techniques necessary to succeed in the study of all law subjects.

Company law exam
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