Conceptual framework perception on online shopping

An attempt has been made by the researcher to throw light on attitudes of online shoppers reflected through their online shopping activities as follows. In the online environment, external search costs have been significantly reduced to mouse clicks.

As Stigler has proposed, higher search costs do lead to less searching.

Past studies also distinguish between two types of information search — pre-purchase and ongoing search Schmidt and Spreng, Approximately sixty variables have been studied empirically as determinants of information search Srinivasan and Ratchford, Despite these impressive sales growth rates, evidence suggests that many consumers search retailer Web sites intending to purchase, but subsequently abandon these purchase attempts.

Exploring the implications of the Internet for consumer marketing. By understanding the effects of interruption, online retailers could prevent consumers from getting lost in this information space and guide them to the information destinations of interest.

Author identified different type of risks such as the risks of Security; Confidentiality and Credibility which were perceived as the strongest risks. For example, Schmidt and Spreng believe that ongoing and pre-purchase search are difficult to separate in practice.

They need to understand customer consumption processes in virtual and physical environments.

It is necessary to note that knowledge of the electronic environment could precede the knowledge of product categories and thus play an important role in the process of information search in an online environment.

An empirical investigation of information search strategies with implications for decision support system design. Way Finding Paradigm Since the online environment possesses several spatial characteristics, researchers have applied the way-finding paradigm to analyze online navigation Hodkison et al.

Journal of Political Economy, 72, Another study by Jansen et al.

When consumers perceive greater search costs in the physical marketplace, it is likely they search for information online where search costs are relatively lower.

Journal of Marketing, 60, The present chapter on consumer search for information on the Internet is guided by the following definition: Recent empirical studies seem to suggest that instead of searching more online, search activity is relatively low Jansen et al. Most users had only few queries per search.

Chapter I e-Search: A Conceptual Framework of Online Consumer Behavior

Consumers with broader cognitive maps are able to identify information easily and efficiently.A THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE ONLINE CONSUMER RESPONSE PROCESS by Product perception, prior perception and integrated perception Product evaluation, prior evaluation and THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE ONLINE CONSUMER RESPONSE PROCESS.

To understand consumer search behavior in this unique environment, relevant theoretical perspectives are drawn to provide a conceptual framework that provides an explanation of consumers’ online search behavior.

The attempt has been made by the researcher to include conceptual framework of online consumer buying behavior by including various aspects of literature review viz, Attitude, orientation and motivation towards online shopping.

An online shopping is an electronic shopping of products that are available online through internet. Clothing is one of the basic needs for humans of all ages. Clothing is one of the basic needs for humans of all ages.

e-Search: A Conceptual Framework of Online Consumer Behavior

e-Search: A Conceptual Framework of Online Consumer Behavior: /ch The continued success of online shopping will be determined by the degree to which consumers utilize the Internet during their decision making process, mainly.

users, China's online shopping sales rose to $ billion in and one of the reasons behind the huge growth has been the improved trust level for shoppers. The Chinese Conceptual Framework of E- commerce Framework tells about the detail of how ecommerce can take place.

It defines actually how e-commerce.

Conceptual framework perception on online shopping
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