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And, you know, you get the picture of practicing medicine. So I now have enough evidence. Here it goes to the aorta. So, anyway, people like the way it makes them feel, they like the way it makes their hands feel, and they determine by themselves without any help from the government that they actually do something for them that they like and so they buy them.

To teach remote influencing. I did find out how the acupuncture system works. But there are similar healing modalities in existence, which is He will expand your consciousness, your enlightenment and will inspire you in many remarkable ways.

Are there any doctors that are using it?

David Wilcock

But if you inject the radioactive potassium there, we had to get a higher speed CAT-scan machine to even see it. An endlessly fascinating speaker and writer, David Wilcock also strongly believes he may well be the reincarnation of the late, great Edgar Cayce, who was known as the "sleeping prophet" for his astoundingly accurate psychic and prognostication abilities.

I know how his instruments worked and it has no bearing on this whatsoever. So, too much of a good thing is too much, no matter how good the thing is. That means you are about to see and hear these new things at the same time David did, and get his unscripted reactions.

Then you go down on the feet, the acupuncture points are the same thing.


A lot of your people will ask that. He makes a song, and you buy the song from him, like buying an mp3 thing, and you make that song What could you do? It depends where it is, what it is, what the problem is, which meridian it is. This is from a health field, because I spent many years in that field building medical instruments.

We found how it worked because we injected the radioactive potassium and then we looked at it and watched it go through the body. Once I sell three or four, then everybody is And with every esoteric or spiritual theory that he espouses, he backs it up with volumes of scientific data and research from many sources.

Now you know what to give.Excerpts from an approximately 50 minute interview with Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot conducted by Robert David Steele, former CIA officer with a. The Road to Ascension: David Wilcock (Part 4 of 4) Los Angeles, May/June Our interview with David Wilcock is part of our redirecting our focus toward the future of our planet in the years leading up to -– Two new upcoming conferences sponsored by Project Camelot will feature David Wilcock.

A New World conference will take place in Zurich, Switzerland on Julyand Awake and Aware in LA, will be held in. Project Camelot Channel has over documentaries, interview & lectures on UFO's, religion, philosophy, government corruption and the New World Order.

David Wilcock, Malibu, CA. K likes.

Project Camelot interviews David Wilcock – Part 4 of 4

There is only Love. David Wilcock talks about and the Enigma, as well as the Convergence, Davick Wilcocks also known as Edgar Cayce reincarnation, has been on Coast to Coast radio, Project Camelot.

David wilcock project camelot
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