Essay on cinema entertains and educates the masses

Because of its close affinity to the people, it mirrors their social values and ethos. Undue importance to sex and violence does irreparable damage to our youth and instill in them wrong ideas of social living and family.

Cinema Entertains and Educates – Essay

This in itself is ample proof of the significant role played by cinema in entertainment and education. The Better India The government also uses it to promote social harmony and health care. It shows us the true picture of life.

For a few hours they escape into a different world altogether and forget their woes and worries. This is especially true in case of India where the Bollywood stars are held at a very high esteem by the common man.

They thus cater to a variety of our tastes, interests, and moods.

In the beginning, there were only silent pictures in black and white. YouTube Featured Image Courtesy: The moral impact of films is also noteworthy.

It sets the fashion trend for the youth who imitate the dresses and hairstyles of popular film stars. The true to life portrayal of characters, provoke our emotions, moving us to tears, laughter, thrill or even shock. The concept of cinema was developed by Thomas Alva Edison, the famous American scientist who invented cinematography.

Quora Realizing the significant role of cinema in entertainment and education the government has set up a separate unit the film division under the ministry of information and broadcasting.

Film makers are seen to adhere to cheap entertainment making their movies full of vulgar dances and scenes in order to attract the common people such depictions poison and distracts the minds of the people especially the younger generation.

India Cinema- A Powerful Tool For Social Change

Thus documentaries creating awareness for prevention of aids, polio, and other information to benefit the society are effectively dissipated through this medium.

It provides great relaxation for the hard working labourers who have no other way of entertainment. The true to life sets, dramatic screenplays, photographic techniques, acting histrionics, and their portrayal on a 70 mm screen, with digital sound effect, in plush multiplexes, have made cinema an ideal medium for entertainment and education.

Colour photography, dubbing, computer graphics, etc. In India it was introduced, a little later. When a series of photographs of moving objects are thrown very rapidly on a screen, in the backdrop of light, they merge into each other and produce a moving picture.

Besides providing entertainment and amusement, cinema also provides a kind of education. Nevertheless, cinema is a great means, at the disposal of man, which can be used for betterment or for decadence. The fashion industry owes it genesis and growth to a cinema.

All thanks to technology.Essay On Cinema Entertains As Well As Educates The Masses Watching a movie at a cinema and at home, which do you prefer European Cinema More Complex Than American Cinema.

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as of this writing, wikipedia contains over 41 million articles in english and ranks as one of the. Sep 27,  · "Cinema Entertains And Educates For And Against The Topic" Essays and Research Papers Cinema Entertains And Educates For And Against The Topic Cinema Only Entertains ; But Does Not Educate the Masses Cinema is one of the major upcoming entertainments in this global village.

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The cinema has been a very popular medium of entertainment for all classes of people. This is especially true in case of India where the Bollywood stars are held at a very high esteem by the common man. Cinema Entertains and Educates – Essay.

Article shared by. Words Essay on cinema—its uses and abuses ; Write a Short Essay on.

Essay on cinema entertains and educates the masses
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