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Strolling along the Si-o-seh pol Bridge, the most striking bridge in Esfahan, is a must. We wholeheartedly welcome you Here. Find, if you can in the market maze, the kooky Azadegan Teahouse. I found the answer in Shiraz, another former capital city.

After soothing tea, nothing is more invigorating than walking across the wondrous Si-o-seh pol bridge to the leafy Armenian Christian quarter Jolfa, where the Esfahan Music Museum makes an interesting stop with its extensive collection of traditional instruments. The dakhmeh How can gebeco fit into the the hilly edge of Yazd will transport you back to those gory times, especially if you go there after visiting the surreal Fire Temple, where the flame allegedly has been burning for over 1, years.

If the haggling is not for you, there are many chaikhaneh teahouses around where you can sip your spiced tea and suck on nabat traditional rock sugar. We even got serenaded with traditional Persian love songs after our guided tour!

Kick back at the Azadegan Teahouse with its kooky ceiling decor after souvenir hunting at the labyrinthine Bazar-e Bozorg in Esfahan. About IranNews You may heard a lot that Iran is unsafe, insecure, people are dying there, they are fundamentalists, they are really dangerous.

I did wonder if blue tiles are — as magnificent as they are — all there is to Persian mosques. The bathhouses in Kashan are best explored via the rooftop, like this one at Hammam-e Sultan Amir Ahmad. But despite its attractions, and Shiraz has many, most travel to the southern city to get to Persepolis, the ancient capital of the Achaemenid Empire.

But the wintry air was biting when we were there, so we quickly popped into the labyrinthine Bazar-e Bozorg nearby to hunt for souvenirs and browse in the workshops where the traders make their wares, from traditional copper pots and glass trinkets, to miniature paintings and printed tablecloths.

This mesh of the extravagant and the austere; the traditional and the modern; and the Islamic and the pre-Islamic of Iran is evident even as you move out of Tehran. The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in Yazd where the dead were once left to be eaten by vultures before burial.

Talar-i-Ayaneh Hall of Mirrorsfor one, is unforgettable with its blinding shattered-mirror mosaic walls and ceiling. While I had vowed to resist the temptation of lugging home one of the famed Persian carpets, I could not resist the calls of the carpet sellers.

Here are some points you should take into consideration while traveling to Iran: As I looked out across the quaint skyline, it struck me — I had barely scratched the surface of what this diverse country has to offer. It is not to say that the strict Islamic regulations are a myth — women have to wear a hijab headscarf and cover their figure in public.

And while public displays of affection between men and women are a no-no, almost no place is segregated.

Today, the Imam Square is a popular hangout for the ordinary Esfahan folks who love to picnic and read poetry on the grassy turf.

One would think living with your reflections is unnerving, but apparently the mirrors served a practical purpose — they kept the assassins away.

My whirlwind exploration of this mesmerising heritage started at the Golestan Palace in Tehran. It may seems unsafe in the first sight, but the people on the streets are quick to greet you warmly and ask for a selfie together or invite you for tea. Its Nasir al Mulk mosque is known as the pink mosque because its pink and red tiles radiate a dazzling rosy hue around the main prayer room when sunlight shines through its stained glass windows.Advances in Travel Philanthropy Raising money through the travel and tourism industry for charitable purposes.

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Advances in Travel Philanthropy Raising money through the travel and tourism industry for charitable purposes. Author.

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Speaking your mind about current political developments can bring your trip to a bad and premature end – and you could get into police custody sooner than you would think, which is especially hard to get out of.

How can gebeco fit into the
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