Is affirmative action ethical essay

With that in mind, it is impossible for a Relativist to be in support of societal change. How could one believe absolutely that there is no absolute truth?

For example, if the life of one person were to be taken in order to save the lives of 2 or more individuals, the Utilitarian could suggest that it is the right course of action. The Egoist would determine that they would be better off hiring the best candidate for the job and not allowing affirmative action to determine who they hire.

Journal of Diversity in higher Education, 3 3 The logic behind this argument is rather simple; there are more individuals in a majority than in a minority, in fact, that is their very definitions. Specifically, this paper addressed the debate Is affirmative action ethical essay whether disabled veterans deserve special considerations over better qualified candidates from other minority or special needs groups.

Government agencies expanded their reach to oversee implementation. While this practice exists all over the world, it is particularly prevalent in the United States.

Native Americans were taken from their lands and forcibly relocated. As a result, the Virtue Ethicist might be against affirmative action, because to participate in a discriminatory institution, such as affirmative action, would be to endorse unvirtuous qualities.

The Ethics of Affirmative Action

Its benefits would be evident to everyone. Based on this principle alone, a moral person could not condone the practice of affirmative action. In some cases, the success of one affirmative action program may come at the expense of another.

As noted by Mill, Utilitarianism takes into account actions that produce the reverse of happiness, otherwise known as suffering or harm, but any harm created can be outweighed, if sufficient utility is created as a result.

Current United States law mandates that affirmative action programs exist for these veterans, and that respective agencies continually evaluate the success of these programs and report to the Federal Government. According to the supporters of this argument, disabled veterans represent a special class of citizens that deserve the lifelong support of the federal government.

Discrimination, in all forms, is not a virtuous character quality. Opponents of Ethical Egoism have long argued that it is a selfish theory, which they argue makes it completely unethical. This essay has illustrated how every discussed ethical theory could produce a negative reaction in response to the institution of affirmative action.

Conclusion The purpose of this paper was to provide an exploration regarding affirmative action programs for veterans within the context of other special needs groups in the United States. For example, agencies that offer affirmative action services for disabled veterans may have friction with minority ethnic groups or individuals with non-military disabilities.Dec 01,  · The purpose of this essay will be to make an effective argument against the practice of affirmative action using ethical theories, perspectives and logical arguments.

This essay will analyze how a Utilitarian, a Deontologist, a Virtue Ethicist a Relativist and an Ethical Egoist would argue against the use of affirmative On The Move with Mack Worley. - Affirmative Action Affirmative action is a deliberate effort to provide full and equal opportunities in employment, education, and other areas for women, minorities, and individuals belonging to other traditionally disadvantaged groups.

The Ethics of Affirmative Action.

Research Paper on Affirmative Action

Government Is Most Responsible for the Conditions Minorities Face Friday, July 01, Steven Yates. Culture Education Collectivism Coercion Free Markets.

Ethical dilemma in Affirmative action plan - Assignment Example

Dr. Yates was a visiting philosophy professor at the University of South Carolina last year. He is a Salvatori Fellow at The Heritage Foundation and an. RESEARCH PAPER AFFIRMATIVE ACTION INTRODUCTION Affirmative Action is an employment legislation protection system that is intended to address the systemized discrimination faced by women and minorities.

Ethical perspectives and affirmative action According to a utilitarian perspective, no rule or regulation is inherently right or wrong (Conway & Gawronski, ). Instead, right or wrong is based on the results of the rule and its subsequent impact on society/5(3).

The interpretation of affirmative action that calls for ethical aspects of equal employment opportunity means that the prospective employers should act positively, proactively and aggressively removing all the barriers that are not favorable to women and minorities to have an equal access to educational, industrial and related institutional opportunities.

Is affirmative action ethical essay
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