My mouth is a volcano writing activity for high school

My Mouth Is A Volcano – Activity Ideas

Sample answers include alliteration and hyperbole. Have students who are struggling work together in pairs or a small group on their comics. K, 1 and 2 are encouraged to either write their response or draw their response.

Students take all workpages with them back to their classrooms. Define figurative language to the class as a tool that authors use to help readers visualize what is happening in a story or poem. Choose passages from the book that include metaphor, idiom, onomatopoeia, and personification.

This time I used the book My Mouth is a Volcano in 2nd grade. Saturdays and Teacakes has great examples of figurative language.

Ask each student to create a graphic organizer and chart examples of figurative language that they hear in the story. The K, 1 and 2 students stated their responses aloud and the students in 3, 4 and 5 wrote their responses on the following sheet.

Figuring Out Figurative Language!

Demonstrate folding the paper into half length-wise, and then into fifths. Each minute character lesson is usually taught by me, but depending on the incentive is sometimes taught by a classroom teacher.

My Mouth Is A Volcano: Back To School Activity

The card is taped to their desk button side up. Continue reading aloud from Saturdays and Teacakes, or any other book that contains a variety of examples of figurative language.

I also took the opportunity to teach and discuss the concept of cause and effect. So far, the teachers seem to like the idea and are using it. Vocabulary 1 Guided Lessons are a sequence of interactive digital games, worksheets, and other activities that guide learners through different concepts and skills.

By the way, I use this spinner often - usually in games I create for small support groups. Prefix and Suffix Fish Game: Ask students to find a partner. They will use this to create a comic strip.

Tuesday, January 10, My Mouth is a Volcano! His words begin to wiggle, and then they do the jiggle. Download all 5 Game: Anyone can use a reminder Compound Word Fish Game: Ask each student to create a panel comic strip using a least one example each of onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, and personification.

I have used this book in classroom guidance, small groups, and individual counseling!My mouth is a volcano activity! This will go great with the "My mouth is a volcano" book! Find this Pin and more on counseling by NaRetta Forrester. This book is in my school library:).

A simple craft to use at the beginning of the year after reading the book, My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook! Volcano Week Five. My Mouth is a Volcano Poster K - 2nd If your class has just discussed interruptions or has just read the book My Mouth is a Volcano, check out this simple graphic.

My Mouth Is A Volcano Lesson You may want to actually take the top off of the shaken bottle just to make a point.

My Mouth is a Volcano

At this time I would brainstorm what you could do with the coke bottle after it has been shaken to. His mouth is a volcano!

My Mouth Is A Volcano takes an empathetic approach to the habit of interrupting and teaches children a witty technique to capture their rambunctious thoughts and words for expression at an appropriate time.

Jul 26,  · SWPBIS Character Lesson #1 - My Mouth is a Volcano Students who have not earned the monthly school-wide incentive in our school's School-Wide Positive Intervention and Support (SWPBIS) program are required to attend a character lesson during the incentive or on the same day as the Entirely Elementary School Counseling.

My Mouth Is A Volcano presents the opportunity for great character development discussions, such as respect and taking turns. As we know, a class that respects each other allows for much greater and effective peer collaboration.

My mouth is a volcano writing activity for high school
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