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They are using the fears of the American public to push their agenda and it is working. As a result, deaths and health issues Persuasive essay cigarettes to tobacco consumption became a worldwide concern. Generally speaking, smoking is a behavioral pattern consisting of repeating situations and reactions.

While not only does the pollution from the cigarettes leave a permanent scar on earth it also killspeople a year and making stricter laws would help this large number of deaths decrease.

Making a stricter law would not only stop people from littering, but it would Persuasive essay cigarettes benefit the economy. The polluted air that children and adults are breathing in, maybe on a daily bases, has been known to hold over 4, chemical compounds, 60 of which are known to cause to cause many diseases.

So, why not stop poisoning oneself with toxic smoke, and at least substitute it with pleasantly smelling vapor? It leads to a number of severe, chronic diseases and even to death. Scientists have proven that if you smoke a pack a day, then you die on an average 10 years sooner.

Anti-smoking groups have done such a good job at scaring the general public that smokers are now discriminated against in a massive way. At the same Persuasive essay cigarettes, regular tobacco smells and tastes awful not only for the non-smokers, but for a smoking person as well. Each cigarette takes 11 minutes off of your life expectancy.

Nowadays, there are alternatives to analogue tobacco smoking: People jump to the conclusion that lung cancer is caused by smoking—when lung cancer may strike anyone.

Therefore, without praising or advertising e-cigarettes, it can still be stated that they are a more preferable alternative for smokers. Finally, many smokers might discover that e-cigarettes do not obstruct their reasons to continue smoking, while making it possible to decrease the amounts of consumed nicotine and to eventually break the habit.

Smoking tobacco does have negative effects and does increase the chances of illness, but over eating kills more people in America than smoking ever has since its invention, and yet there are not bans on fatty foods.

They are blurring the issue and lowering the amount of research that goes into the harmful effects of other smoke in our atmosphere, airborne toxins, vehicle fumes, asbestos, unsanitary conditions, mold spores, smog and air pollution.

Can you imagine the uproar if tomorrow we started having African American people sitting outside instead of inside and if they were treated with disdain by doctors and people in our society?

At the same time, there might be a healthier alternative for those smokers who realize the harm they cause to themselves, but who cannot yet give up their addiction.

People that smoke would surely die considerably early and yet a massive amount of people live well into their 80s despite spending most of their life smoking.

In conclusion, people should not have to be forced to put their bodies at risk of second hand smoke and the earth should not have to be polluted by people who chose to ruin their lives and others by smoking.

Persuasive essay to stop smoking

A popular belief is that it is nicotine that kills. By creating a law saying that if one is littering their cigarette anywhere they should have to pay a major fine, depending if it is their first offense or not, or do time in jail.

Why E-cigarettes are Better for Smokers than Regular Ones

But, while performing the same functions as regular cigarettes, electronic devices are safer and more socially acceptable. Although some of them are not completely harmless, the chemical composure of e-cigarette liquids is definitely safer than the one of a regular cigarette. They are sold in Persuasive essay cigarettes variety of flavors: An e-cigarette heats up the liquid in a special container called an atomizer; the liquid evaporates, and through this vapor a smoker receives their dose of nicotine.

People are not told to eat fatty foods outside and people are happy to give them free healthcare and give them disabled benefits if they are morbidly obese.

It is only partially true: Nicotine causes addiction, and the smoke does the rest. It can be assumed that there are five main components of this psychological addiction: In addition, a purely aesthetic reason to prefer e-cigarettes over their analogues: Without neglecting or challenging these reasons, it can be said that an e-cigarette is probably a safer alternative for a person who does not want to give up nicotine.

Still, if a smoker does not plan to quit, he or she might want to consider using e-cigarettes instead of real tobacco. Assuming that secondhand smoke causes lung cancer is holding back medical progress.Persuasive Speech on Why You Shouldn't Smoke Did you know cigarette smoke contains over 4, chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.

Smoking is directly responsible for approximately 90 percent of lung cancer deaths and approximately percent of COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) deaths Smoking cigarettes is.

Effects of Cigarette Smoking – Persuasive Essay

what’s within my ability to answer these questions in this essay. I browsed the internet (isn’t it a wonderful tool?) and used other references and my knowledge to determine why cigarettes are addictive, unhealthy. Persuasive Essay About Smoking Essay on The Ripple Effect of Smoking The Ripple Effect of Smoking It has become common knowledge that smoking is bad for people’s health, nonetheless people continue to smoke.

A Persuasive Speech About Why Smoking Should Be Illegal Smoking Essay. A+. Pages:5 Words We will write a custom essay sample on A Persuasive Speech About Why Smoking Should Be Illegal Smoking Related Essays.

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Persuasive essay to stop smoking. Extracts from this document Introduction. Smokers are more likely prone to getting diseases as the substances in cigarettes smoke can confuse and deteriorate cells in the body.

Smoking vs. Non-Smoking Beth Neeley December 10, Composition One Susan Kling ENG Abstract: Persuasive essay on why the production and sale of cigarettes should not be banned.

Includes, opposing arguments and refutes to the opposing claims.

Persuasive essay cigarettes
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