Predictive modeling for insider threat mitigation

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Predictive profiling

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Predictive Analytics Tools Confront Insider Threats

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Abstract The purpose of this chapter is to motivate the combination of traditional cyber security audit data with psychosocial data, to support a move from an insider threat detection stance to one that enables prediction of potential insider presence.

To assist organizations in mitigating the insider threat, Lockheed Martin developed LM Wisdom, a predictive analytics solution supporting the collection and analysis of large-scale, open-source intelligence data, including news feeds and social media. Predictive Modeling for Insider Threat Mitigation This project, funded by PNNL’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program is conducted under the Predictive Defense focus area of the Laboratory’s.

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towards predictive modeling for insider threat mitigation. FL Greitzer, DA Frincke. Insider threats in cyber security,Predictive modelling for insider threat mitigation.

Predictive modeling for insider threat mitigation
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