Research paper on service sector in india

Another challenges is poor infrastructure—power supply, roads, ports, and airports. The country did not follow the traditional growth models and thereby skipped the manufacturing growth stage to directly jump from agricultural growth stage to services growth stage.

The Service Sector as India's Road to Economic Growth

The share of hotel and restaurant sector in overall economy increased from 1. The occurrence of large rivers and coastal lakes, such as, the Chilka and the Pulicat, has provided scope for estuarine fisheries. Kearney, an international management consultancy firm, has identified India as one of the topmost retail destinations.

As per industry estimates, this construction industry is expected to generate additional employment around 47 million leading to total number of people employed in this sector reading 83 million persons by These beds yield excellent quality oriental pearls or the lingha pearls. That the share of services has now simply converged to the international norm raises questions about whether it will continue growing rapidly.

The sea fish group comprising marine and estuarine fisheries includes elasmobranchs, eels, cat fish, silver bar fish, herrings, anchovies, Mumbai duck, mackerels, perches, silverbellies, flat fishes, mullets, Indian salmon, jew fish, crustaceans, shell fishes, dorab and mullets.

Tele-density, which is considered as an important indicator of telecom penetration, has increased from Hotels and restaurants sector with a 1. Although the primary sector mainly agriculture is the dominant employer followed by the services sector, the share of services sector has been increasing over the years and that of the primary sector has been decreasing.

In a developing country like India the importance of development of infrastructural facilities is quite high. This limits the market for fresh fish.

The fisheries on this coast are conspicuous by the paucity of sardines and mackerel, their places being taken by horse mackerels, clupeoids and silver bellies.

The north-east monsoon winds which sweep over the Bay of Bengai are moderate and of shorter duration. Oil sardines, prawns, horse mackerel, soles, lactarius and shark are the most important marine fisheries. Apart from regular ship based surveys using acoustic equipment, an airborne survey has also been carried out.

This is also a pillar in which India has slipped compared to its relative global ranking in Modest growth of services sector has made ample scope for the smooth inflow of FDI into the country. The state has 14, traditional crafts and 1, mechanised boats used in fishing operations.

The United States was chosen because it was, until recently, the largest market. The government has also formulated a set of guidelines on safety and quality norms of adventure tourism. About one-third of the total fish production in India comes from rivers. There is a tremendous window of opportunity for India to leverage its strengths to improve it competitiveness and increase the well-being of its population.

Catla, labeo rohita, l. Of this, ships with a capacity of 9. It is found that some work-eastern states like Sikkim, Tripura and Manipur have a high share of employment in the services sector and again some city states like Chandigarh and Delhi also have very high shares of employment in services like and respectively out of employed people.

According to the UNWTO, total number of international tourist arrivals world-wide is expected to increase by 3.The Service Sector in India Arpita Mukherjee No.

| June ADB Economics Working Paper Series The Service Sector in India The study finds that the service sector is the largest and fastest growing sector in India, but it has not been able. Draft paper -Not for citation or quotation 1 Services Sector in India: Trends, Issues and Way Forward* Arpita Mukherjee† Abstract This paper provides an overview of the Indian services sector.

FDI Flows in Service Sector: Evidence from India School of Commerce, Bharathiar University CoimbatoreSouth India Abstract The paper investigates objective of this paper is to examine the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows in India and especially in service sector.

In this study using time series data of FDI along with GDP.

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Jun 17,  · of our agricultural sector as well as our service sector. a sample India research paper india research papers, india research paper Research and Development in India – IBEF India has become a key contributor in global research. Essay on the Services Sector of India.

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Introduction to Services Sector 2. Importance of Services Sector in India 3. research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by.

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Research Paper on Fisheries Sector in India ( Words). India is the second largest in aqua-cultural production in the world. Fish production has increased from lakh in to lakh tonnes in Fisheries play an important role in the economy of India. It helps in augmenting food supply, generating employment, rising nutritional [ ].

Research paper on service sector in india
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