Role of youth in empowering the masses

This is because example gives power, dynamism, life, meaning, and effectiveness to what is being taught. Every day it seems more people are calling out for climate action, but still, every time global leaders meet they fail to reach binding agreements to curb greenhouse gasses.

Allowing them to carry out their vision with the encouragement and coaching support will be an empowering experience and let them feel supported in their process. As I said before, all should have equal rights and responsibilities as a citizen of India.

The role of the youth in society

Good habits produce sustainable leaders. Empowerment ensures that youth has the necessary skill to sustain a livelihood, preventing him to adopt the path of crime. India should have youth politicians and they should live in clean democracy and let others also to live in corruption free India as India is now full of corruption.

What are his responsibilities? The ulama who are brought up through the seminary approach cannot be posited as proof for the superiority of the approach considering that they have attained this level by dedicating themselves and sparing no effort in their studies.

But despite of this diversity the social structure there has been an unstable unity and affinity which had bound the people of this vast country into a well-knit nation throughout its chequered history.

Helping youth to understand that not everyone is going to respond the way you hope they would and that some people may not be ready to hear what you want to share will support their confidence. They must assimilate from the very beginning- the lessons of self-help, self-reliance and self-sacrifice.

This challenge is not restricted to the Government, but also to the entire private section in the country. We see lots of news related to corruption each day. Starting from Martin Luther King Jr to Justin Trudeau, visionary leaders are noted to have taken risks from a tender age.

We note that seminary methods inculcate several sanctified principles. The first vital characteristic is that the teacher should be, from the aspect of professional competence, wellgrounded in the field of knowledge which he wishes to impart to others.

Guiding youth to use what their passions and creativity to share positive messages or bring attention to issues they care about will allow them to find purpose within their passion and use the power of their joy to share important messages.

From this vantage point too, we do not believe that the matter is restricted to education only, but in fact pertains to all responsibility, where one does not possess the requisite experience and knowledge. Consider these words attributed to the Prophet: One of the keys to empowering the youth is with skill development.

India being the country of many races, languages, religions and beliefs we should have unity.Jul 19,  · The youth should not get swayed away by lucrative political is great responsibility on the shoulders of youth in abolishing corruption.

They should also empower the masses to fight for their rights.

10 Ways to Empower Youth Leadership

The Role of Youth in Realising the Dreams of Dr. Kalam Vaisakhi Vaisakhi (Punjabi: ਵਿਸਾਖੀ) visākhī), also known as Baisakhi, Vaishakhi, or Vasakhi) is a festival celebrated across the northern Indian subcontinent, especially. Importance of Youth Empowerment One of the keys to empowering the youth is with skill development.

When a youth is equipped with essential skills, he can utilize them to feed, assist others. Free Essays on The Role Of Youth In Empowering The Masses. Get help with your writing. 1 through The mass media introduced worldwide cultures and norms that the child would otherwise not become aware of.

The other agents of socialization, family, peer groups, and school a re most commonly a.

Empowering masses in the speech of dr Kalam on the role of youth in realising the dream s of dr Kalam -

Role of youth in empowering the masses
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