Should teachers be allowed to carry guns

Or where your father kept his gun, if he had one. According to a report in May from the National Conference of State Legislatures, 18 states ban concealed carry on college campuses, 23 states leave the decision to prohibit or allow concealed carry to the institution and eight states specifically allow concealed carry on public postsecondary institutions.

A teacher or administrator with a gun could easily protect the campus and its students. And this talk is necessary. The individual, teacher or not, can protect it with a tool when they safely research, train and prepare for how and when to use it, why and the extent to which it can provide safety.

The one place you can bet something like this will never happen: How many more times are we going to hear about a crazed gunman walking into a school armed and ready to kill? And right now, arming teachers is the only practical solution.

The only thing to stop a gun is a gun. Arming teachers would bring a stronger sense of safety for students. The administration states that they feel safer knowing that, should an intruder enter the school, teachers are ready to jump into action.

What I Think I can see both sides to the argument. Two water pistols and an actual. Eighteen states across the country already allow adults to carry handguns on school property.

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That is a reality of weapons and conflict. According to The Washington Post, an Idaho State University instructor shot himself and gun rights in general in the foot while improperly carrying a handgun in his pocket in class. The law of inevitability can and will bring weapons into the wrong hands.

Is it something every teacher should pursue? If teachers are trained, and know the importance of gun safety and how to handle a gun, they should have the right to protect themselves and their students. The only solution is self-responsibility: So, too, in schools, the presence of guns has the capacity to silence the voice of civics, the voice that helps children learn about what it means to live with one another and to live with feelings and thoughts that buzz along and bump up against others who are different or hard to know.

Every second counts in a school shooting. Generally, it is impermissible to carry a firearm on school property. Sixteen boys pulled the trigger.

An assistant principal, who was armed, intervened and held the shooter at gun point until police arrived, and most probably prevented more people from being killed.

Overall, supporters of this side believe that it will only create greater risk for students because of the uncertainty. Better yet, recall how you knew where she hid the Christmas presents. Approximately half of the boys who found the gun thought it was a toy, or were unsure if it was real.

The issue is that in an arena built on the democratization and distribution of knowledge, many feel that a weapon distracts from the academic environment.

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But until that happens, critical thinking suggests that we all exercise our second amendment rights, arm our teachers and school officials to ensure the safety of our children, voice our support and keep a close eye on anti-gun crusaders who want to make our decisions for us.

Forty-eight out the sixty-four boys found the handgun. Campus Concealed Carry Measures Are Useful When Done Right It helps bring context to gun rights, and presenting the reasons for campus concealed carry measures and laws only helps the case.

Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice-president of the NRA, says students stay at risk of danger by having gun-free school zones.

As a student who has attended public school, I thankfully have never had to encounter a situation where there was a need to truly defend ourselves during a school day.

A firearm is inherently dangerous, but it is also only as prone to causing harm and protection as the person who owns and controls it. Some argue that they have the right to protect their class, and if they are licensed and trained, they should be allowed.Feb 22,  · Most law enforcement experts argue that teachers should not carry guns.

Civilians may be able to hit a bull’s-eye at the shooting range, but they lack the tactical knowledge of handling weapons that trained law enforcement personnel get. Should teachers have the option to carry a gun and defend their classrooms? Some argue that they have the right to protect their class, and if they are licensed and trained, they should be allowed.

Others contend that that having a concealed weapon in school will only put the children more at risk. Aug 19,  · In the 10 years since teachers have been allowed to carry guns in Utah, no fatal K school shootings have occurred.

Some say schools aren't falling victim to attacks because of their unique. We should also consider allowing teachers who would carry a firearm to do just that.

Two things at Sandy Hook Elementary could have been different that morning. It could have been easier for a mental health professional to keep this shooter from becoming a danger. Carry a concealed weapon.

That'll fix it." He's also been quoted in many other instances in favor of more guns. Teachers should concealed carry if they’re willing, able and committed to learning appropriate gun safety tactics, but the issue’s background plays just as big of a role.

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Should teachers be allowed to carry guns
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