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The book was very hard to follow with how fast paced it was. All these Vietnamese Marines, their wives and children, looking proud, prosperous, accomplished. The style of this book was a description.

I feel that the reader has become so involved with the drama that he is expecting a Stallone or Jacky Chan type of Hollywood thriller while reading the book.

For the view from the senior adviser who effectively ran the entire show during this period of the war, pick up Col. The bridge used to separate North Vietnam from South Vietnam.

What a group to be around. I would describe it simply as joy. Even when he ordered Colonel Ripley to destroy the Dong Ha Bridge, he did so against the direct wishes of his commanders.

Less than a month later, as those who remained stood in formation to be addressed by their commandant at the regional headquarters in Hue, Maj.

The description not only shows his courage, but also displays his level of intelligence as he took the decision of destroying the bridge against the command from his superior officers.

They were so successful that other than continued fighting in Hue and Khe Sahn, the entire offensive was defeated within two weeks. No better a friend, no worst an enemy. Another part that needs appreciation is that the author John Miller interviewed in detail Captain Ripley about the entire event while penning down the history.

It was a treat for me to re This book tells the story of the Marine legend John W. I typically appreciate photos, maps, glossaries, bibliographies, and diagrams as aids in historical books, but The Bridge at Dong Ha is limited in this regard.

Recently I saw something on facebook about Ripley that sparked my interests to read more about Ripley and this book was what I picked up to learn more about Ripley and the famous incident with the bridge at Dong Ha.

Binh was the consummate combat leader. The destruction delayed the movement of Vietnamese forces from the north to the south by three long years.

The Easter Offensive and the bridge at Dong Ha

The fact is that American forces did not lose a single battle of any consequence in the entire war, in spite of their self-defeating policy that allowed the enemy free communications along the Ho Chi Minh trail and safe havens in Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam.

Recognizing the need to destroy the bridge, even though higher headquarters who were unaware of the deteriorating tactical situation ordered him not to, Turley gave the order.

John Ripley cannot describe their brief, final exchange without pausing to acknowledge his own emotions. It seemed that the author really understands the pulse of the readers. Yes, they were certainly a worldwide embarrassment as our troops left the field of battle without victory.

They fought the communists right up until and past April 30, At midday on March 30,almost by complete surprise, the North Vietnamese Army launched its single biggest assault of the Vietnam War.

It seemed as if an historical The Bridge at Dong Ha 6 event is presented and written in the language of adventure. Nothing seemed far-fetched, it all felt real. After the end of the war, more challenges awaited the devastated South, including persecution from their Northern captors.

We will fight in Dong Ha. This gives Ripley a great burst of strength. The unfortunate demise of freedom in Southeast Asia would come nearly three years later. Welcome home, Thieu Ta. This book took everything really slow and gradually got into the point of the book.

He went out and blew up the bridge. The written in nineteen-eighty nine but this event is still being talked about today. All-in-all, military leadership classified the operation as a tremendous victory.

This book talks about the danger and the problems the marines went through when they were overseas fighting for the country they love. He wrote this book, because it shows that the people that protect our country will do anything to keep us safe and to keep the country free.

Stopping to look back one last time before leaving, Binh reflected to his covan: So many friends gone. The answer is yes and no: We will not leave. Some historians have argued that the destruction of that bridge was the single most important factor that postponed the defeat of South Vietnam until The one little fact or statement made by Vice Admiral Stockdale and Mr.

Miller about Col. Ripley crossing the Dong Ha bridge five years beforecan not be right. We did not complete the bridge untilbut the old French bridge was there.

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The Bridge at Dong Ha

Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order now Book Report: The Bridge at Dong Ha The Courageous actions of Captain Ripley The book The Bridge at Dong Ha is an extremely inspiring book full of great life lessons.

Shining-hearted, blood-and-guts tale of Marine Corps captain John Ripley's heroic demolition of a strategic bridge on Easter Sunday,in Vietnam. Control of that one bridge would open the South for further exploitation. At a minimum, the turnover of Dong Ha would assure the loss of the northern provinces.

The allied unit closest to the gathering storm at Dong Ha was the Vietnamese Third Marine Battalion. The Bridge at Dong Ha Bridge The book The Bridge at Dong Ha written by John Miller is a narrative description of the story of how a bridge on Cua Viet river separating north and South Vietnam was destroyed by a brave American marine captain named Ripley in in US Vietnam war.

The bridge at dong ha essay
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