The growth of the isis in the rise of isis a frontline documentary

11 Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now To Understand How ISIS Rose To Power

What leverage could you use with him at that point? This is a collection of very hardened killers. We sought the expedition of that delivery to the Iraqis.

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Well, we obviously had significant relationships with Iraq. Rafi Essawi—everybody loves the guy. We want to control the piece of land. I mean, now you have them taking over a city just a few miles outside of Baghdad.

Other personal accounts tell the story of a country with a long way to go in rebuilding its cities and industries.

He was popular in Najaf. This is the revolution of the tribes. Victory is only from God. ISIS responded by releasing this video. I am sure that they are against terrorism, all of them. Touring key landmarks, he walks us through their ancient history and into the rise of Islam.

Maliki immediately orders that Hashemi be arrested.

The Rise of ISIS

They were very smart. Virtually every country in the world, you have young, disaffected youth, both men and women, who have little hope in their life, who want to be a part of something special, want to be a part of something successful, and they now see ISIL taking over vast swaths of both Syria and Iraq, succeeding like no one else has succeeded.

They are demonstrating for months at a time, peaceful, calling for their rights. You need to have muscle. So I called them. Interestingly, according to Wood, everyday life remained relatively stagnant in the region until the oil industry took hold.

TV Review: Frontline’s ‘The Rise of ISIS,’ Al Jazeera America’s ‘Informants’

They were expanding their operations in Iraq. The president was willing to get engaged in support for the opposition in Syria, but he wanted to make clear that we understood there were limits as to how we could solve this problem with our military, and that we had to be very deliberate and careful when it comes to something like providing military assistance to an opposition group.

I think President Obama has a fundamental belief that any military action or aiding local fighters will lead to almost inexorablytroops on the ground like Iraq, orlike Vietnam—slippery slope, down the drain, huge disaster for America. He sees plots against him. With Al-Qaeda being in its weakened state, they did not have much power nor did they have much in terms of land or resources.

I am proud of it and I support it. Back in Syria, al Qaeda was steadily gaining ground. I think killing is as important to ISIS as securing the caliphate, but the killing first. As weeks went by, the demonstrations grew.


Tens of thousands of Yazidis fled their homes. The American intelligence community was saying that this group, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, was becoming increasingly potent. And they have legitimate demands for releasing the innocent people in the prisons, some of these in detention center for two, three, six years without trials.

I do have plenty of reports of the way that my guards were being treated, unfortunately. What his group found in Syria was space to expand and thrive with ease. It starts in lateleads us to now and the ending is ominous. The surge and the Sunni awakening had severely reduced it.Jun 12,  · FRONTLINE traces the growth of The Islamic State in The Secret History of ISIS, while also investigating the repeated warnings of.

The frightening and timely new documentary ISIS: On the Frontline, ISIS: On the Frontline offers a valuable portrait of the war being waged on the inside.

The challenges faced by those who chose to combat this brutalizing threat are vast, and much blood will be shed before an end is reached. (on a growth curve eventually heading /10(). Transcript for the FRONTLINE film The Rise of ISIS. FRONTLINE The Rise of ISIS View film. There were months of these kinds of warning signals about the growth and expansion of ISIS.

Nov 17,  · The Rise of Isis, is a Frontline documentary published October 28th,and it discusses how ISIS became to be the large group that it is today. Al-Qaeda moving into Syria, key mistakes made by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki leader elect, and how U.S.

intervention at certain points could have made a difference are. Government and Economics: Home. What is the main reason behind the rise of ISIS? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 9 Answers. Jesse Jones, The Rise of ISIS – FRONTLINE on PBS edit, October I noticed that this answer has been getting a lot of views in Baghdad and other places.

I'd like to emphasize that none of this is my opinion. I simply summarized the documentary.

The growth of the isis in the rise of isis a frontline documentary
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