The technological differences between the 1950s and the 1990s

The conservative atmosphere was a reaction against the social activism of the s and 30s. So did some military men. The Fair Housing Act enabled middle-class Black families to challenge discriminatory housing policies in nearby White middle-class neighborhoods such as North Point Breeze and Penn Hills.

He was on the board of directors of the Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development from That day, scientists heard a high-pitched radio beep being broadcast from overhead. His efforts were furthered by the million Americans who contributed to the March of Dimes, a charity that was started in specifically to find a cure for polio.

Others who knew about the project thought it would be morally wrong to create a bomb that could destroy an entire city, or more, in a single blast.

Fusion only occurs at temperatures so high that they never occur on earth. InJack Kilby, a scientist Texas Instruments, found that arrays of transistors would work even better if packed onto a single wafer of semiconductor material.

It was sort of a great decade, actually, with the US becoming the top nation in the world.

Young people also thought it was important to be in a position to take advantage of federal funds which were now available to address urban poverty. The average life expectancy reached nearly 70 years byup from only 63 in The plant began supplying power to the Pittsburgh area two years later.

Researchers developed new antibiotics to treat a whole range of infections diseases.

Cancer remained a mysterious affliction for which there were few treatments. This was in the mids. Get instant access to over 50, essays. The development, he assured Americans, had no military significance.

Inside Homewood’s economic development: 1950s – 1990s…Different interests and different visions

All were postwar baby booms of prosperity and subtle social change with thriving underground scenes and individual ideas that exploded over the next few decades and remained extremely influential.

The owners continued to feel excluded, however, by the Community Development Corporation CDCcharging HBRDC with favoritism toward richer blacks over poorer blacks, blacks who benefited from intergenerational wealth over blacks with newly acquired wealth, and lighter-skinned blacks over darker-skinned ones.

And it was used to play the first ever video game, called Spacewar! Poliomyelitis is a contagious, unpredictable viral infection that can cause temporary or permanent paralysis, deformity, or death. It was Sputnik, the first man-made satellite to orbit Earth, and it was passing over the United States every 92 minutes as it whizzed around the planet at 18, miles an hour.

Science had conquered a dreaded disease that had, time and time again, swept through the country with devastating effects. A major similarity between family roles in the s is that the majority of women still do the cooking cleaning and other house work. The fireball let loose was five miles high and four miles wide.

The 1950s-1990s

Other young people should continue to prepare for white collar professional and paraprofessional work in legal services, medicine, health care, dentistry, accounting, etc. Susquehanna Street building, but also the Homewood neighborhood.

Byjust a few years after the vaccine was introduced, only cases were reported nationwide.

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In modern terms, this memory is ludicrously tiny—a single average-size photograph stored in your computer requires about 1, kilobytes. Robert Oppenheimer, who had led the Manhattan Project that developed the A-bomb.

There is another factor. Meprobamate, the first tranquilizer, began to be marketed in under the names Miltown and Equinil, kicking off a deluge of mind-altering pharmaceuticals.

President Eisenhower, as usual, tried to calm the "wave of near hysteria" that Sputnik set off in America.

So, what had happened? Young political upstarts saw her as a placeholder until they could build a strong enough power base to replace her. Black residents lived on a few blocks in southern Homewood.

However, there are also some similarities.The ss In the later half of the twentieth century change has been very rapid, therefore there are many differences between the s and the s.

Pop Culture in 's and 's In comparing the sixties and the nineties, my first thought was how much popular culture has changed since then and how different society is today. The strange thing is, the more I tried to differentiate between them, the more similarities I found.

Science & Technology in The s. BACK; NEXT ; Was the Eisenhower era the best of times for science, or the worst? It's true that the science of the '50s gave us the most awful weapon ever developed.

The hydrogen bomb cast the shadow of nuclear Armageddon over the world. Between the mids and the mids Homewood Brushton underwent a series of development efforts. Sometimes these efforts were complementary to each other, other times they were at odds.

A different set of assumptions and values informed each development effort. Each effort also reflected changes in local and federal policy. On the heels of war, new technology caused a decrease in prices of goods in the ’s and in the ’s the GI Bill increased income.

The bureaucratization of business in the ’s meant that more people could be employed in higher paying white-collar jobs than before, including, for the first time, housewives.

power, and social status, and these social differences limit how fair or equal a personal relationship between two individuals from different .

The technological differences between the 1950s and the 1990s
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