Theory in recruitment and selection


Advertise on job boards and in publications where people with the background you seek congregate. During interviews, ask employees to discuss their management or work with other people, how they solve problems, their specific experience in relation to your job opening and what they can do for you company.

Give new hires and day reviews to gauge how they feel about working for you. Retaining Keeping workers often depends on good communication.

This will help you attract job applicants who know exactly what the job entails, whether or not they can do it and if they have the qualifications, skills and competencies. Get qualitative feedback from coworkers and quantitative data from his department on his performance if possible.

These reviews do not need to include raises. Often, a company already has job descriptions for existing positions. Job analysis[ edit ] In situations where multiple new jobs are created and recruited for the first time or vacancies are there or the nature in such documents as job descriptions and job specifications.

If the requests are simple to fulfil or are queries in nature, resolution may take place at this tier Tier 2 - Administration - This tier manages mainly the administration processes Tier 3 - Process - This tier manages the process and how the requests get fulfilled.

Alternatively, employers may use recruitment consultancies or agencies to find otherwise scarce candidates—who, in many cases, may be content in the current positions and are not actively looking to move.

Research has shown that employer biases tend to improve through first-hand experience and exposure with proper supports for the employee [8] and the employer making the hiring decisions.

A good benefits package, including vacation time, personal time off, health insurance, daycare and voluntary benefits, such as dental or vision insurance, can help make you an employer of choice.

Where already drawn up, these documents may require review and updating to reflect current requirements. If you know what the position is worth to the company and the candidate you have selected is the best choice, offer them what you have determined the position is worth.

Disabled candidates[ edit ] The word disability carries few positive connotations for most employers.

The ad should include a detailed, accurate job description. Recruiters and agencies may use applicant tracking systems to filter candidates, along with software tools for psychometric testing and performance-based assessment. An example of a 3 tier recruitment model: Hiring When hiring employees, discuss compensation, including pay and benefits.

If cost is an issue, give a brief overview of the job, then direct applicants to a more-detailed description on your website.

What Are Some Theories About the Recruitment Process?

Assessments are also available to measure physical ability. Praise employees in writing if they are a doing a good job so they know their job is secure and they are part of a team. Ask for references from finalist candidates and conduct interviews. This is illegal in some countries, such as in the United Kingdomin which recruiters must not charge candidates for their services although websites such as LinkedIn may charge for ancillary job-search-related services.

This not only increases your chance of getting qualified applicants but also can help prevent legal problems later.

Recruitment & Selection & Retention Theory

This initial research for candidates—also called name generation—produces contact information for potential candidates, whom the recruiter can then discreetly contact and screen.

Selecting Create a list of attributes your ideal employee will have and divide resumes and applications into three piles, based on the number of applications you receive.

On Twitter, the expanding generation is people from ages 55— If you want to pay as little as possible, even if it means paying your employee less than the job is worth, ask candidates for their salary history or salary requirement.

Your focus during job interviews should not be to determine how applicants performed for others in the past, but on how they might perform for you in the future.THE IMPACT OF RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION CRITERIA ON ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE Joy O. Ekwoaba the principles of the Equity Theory, the best recruitment and selection criteria in the organization is that which portrays the firm as Equal Opportunity Employer.

One theory about employment recruitment focuses on comparing internal and external recruitment for a job position. Some benefits of internal recruitment are saving money and creating incentive within the workplace. The main benefit of external recruitment is a larger pool of candidates from which to.

Recruitment, selection and retention theory is based on an organization's success of hiring and retaining valuable employees.

Disability, Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and selection is a critical process for an organization, because the inaccuracies that occur during the recruitment and selection process can pass the costs on to an organization. The framework sets the legal parameters for recruitment and selection practices in the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DOJCD).

In this sense the statutory and regulatory guidelines provide the legal. Recruitment and Selection: Applicant Perspectives and Outcomes Neil Anderson, Marise Born and Nicole Cunningham,

Theory in recruitment and selection
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