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Local police will issue a report of a crime, but generally will only Vietnam visas permit immigration investigations for crimes they determine serious, which do not always equate with U. Please contact the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington, D. We strongly recommend travelers purchase medical evacuation insurance before visiting Vietnam.

This situation can result in Lao officials requiring travelers to return to Vietnam. Please contact the Consular Division for further information.

These areas are not always marked, and there are no warnings about prohibited travel. December 28, Travel Advisory Levels U. This can be a very complicated process and requires the most attention to detail and preparation prior to work permit submission in order to avoid complications.

From landline within Ho Chi Minh City: You should bring adequate supplies of medications for the duration of your stay in Vietnam and ensure with the Ministry of Health that the medicine you need is allowed to enter Vietnam.

The approval letter will be sent by the Vietnam Immigration Department in Hanoi via fax or email. Embassy or the U. Taking photographs of anything that could be perceived as being of military or security interest may result in questioning by authorities, fines, or delayed travel.

Motorcyclists are known to snatch bags, cameras, cell phones, and other valuables from pedestrians or passengers riding in "cyclos" pedicabs or on the back of motorcycles, sometimes using a sharp weapon such as a knife to cut bag straps.

Arrest Notification in Vietnam: There are also legislations concerning admissions into, via, and out of Vietnam. As the Embassy cannot confirm the reliability of online visa services offered by many companies on the Internet, it is strongly recommended that travelers obtain suitable visas prior to their trip to Viet Nam.

Police Report from home country required. Vietnamese officials remove detachable visas from passports when travelers depart Vietnam, leaving travelers with no proof of their Vietnam departure.

Civil procedures in Vietnam, such as marriage, divorce, documenting the birth of a child, and issuance of death certificates, are highly bureaucratic and can be slow.

However, special provisions may be provided to borderline countries depending on each situation. Some of the requirements for the application of MEBV include: Foreign employees holding a work permit valid for less than 1 year and dependents will be eligible for business visa extension 3, 6 or 12 months depending the length of the work permit.

Take some time before traveling to consider your personal security and checking for useful tips for traveling safely abroad. Dual nationality is accepted by the Vietnamese government in some, but not all, circumstances.

Investigations can take several months to complete. Some provinces allow registration online. Visas can be issued at the border gates if the applicant: Embassy in Hanoi or the U.

In some cases, the acquisition of business visas may be exempt for individuals under treaties or other reciprocity agreements. Health Medical facilities in Vietnam, including emergency response services, frequently do not meet international standards and may lack medicine and supplies.

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Visit the Embassy of Vietnam website for the most current information. Individuals can renew up to a maximum of three 3 times. Renewals are also dependent on the employment contract, with a maximum of three 3 years for every renewal.

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You can find detailed information on vaccinations and other health precautions on the CDC website. To ensure that the United States is aware of your circumstances, request that the police and prison officials notify the nearest U.

They should also be highly qualified or experienced in research, equipment management and technical knowledge.

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Note that each province of Vietnam may have different policies regarding the grant of temporary residence cards. If you are targeted by thieves, do not resist, and report the incident immediately to local police and to the U. Help you find appropriate medical care if you are the victim of a violent crime such as assault or rape.

If you break local laws in Vietnam, your U. Medical personnel generally speak little or no English.Difference with visa at embassy or consulate of Vietnam, Visa On Arrival is issued at International airports of Vietnam. Please note that you must have visa approval letter (also called pre-approval letter) from Vietnam Immigration Department then.

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* The cost for visa includes visa approval fee, processing and handling fee, postal service and expedite service (if required). Visa fees vary depending on type of visa, duration of stay and type of service (standard or expedite). Jan 30,  · Vietnam Visas, Permits and Immigration by Jose Marc Castro on August 11, Vietnam is more liberal at present, so foreign nationals who wish to visit the country can apply directly at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulates located in their countries of residence.

Vietnam Visa Centre provides advice, information and visa application services to individuals, families and businesses in need of Vietnamese visas. In celebration of VIETNAM NATIONAL DAY – Sep/02/, Vietnam Immigration Department will temporarily close its business hours from Sep/01/ to Sep/03/ However, our Customer Service still online and support you 24/7.

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Vietnam visas permit immigration
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